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Hockey Clinics

(18 and over)
Improve your skills by participating in fun, dynamic drills and lessons with 1-on-1 coaching from an experienced instructor.

Parent and Child Clinics
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Parent and Child Clinics

(12 and under)
Play games, perform drills, and practice skills with your child in a fun, inclusive environment.

Hockey Practises

Hockey Practices

(Intermediate - Advanced)
Practice your skills by participating in fun, dynamic drills and activities.

Upcoming Events

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Laura H.

“Michelle is an incredible teacher! Her clinics are full of tips and techniques that will change your game right away. They are a very fun and comfortable place to learn and practice, whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced player."

Stacey D.

"These small clinics are amazingly helpful! There's a lot of one on one coaching, and the drills are really well designed so that you don't just learn to pass and shoot, you can practice those skills in realistic game situations. Five stars, fully recommend!"

Alana L.

"Michelle puts on fantastic clinics! She keeps you moving, learning new drills every week! I try
not to miss any of them!"

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